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Please bear in mind that leather is a natural material and what you see photographed on this site can differ slightly to the item that you receive. All items are handmade and dyed, we do not use machinery like a sewing machine and we do our best to be consistent but it is not always possible. Many items are also made to order so you will be informed of an expected delivery time when you order. If you have any problems with the item you receive not being up to your expectations then please let us know so we can rectify it as soon as possible.

A note from the Viking himself

"My style and construction tend toward the robust side, 'delicate' is not a word often used to describe my work. My goal is that you should be getting a quality product that will last a very long time. I would prefer a repeat customer comes to us not because the item has worn out and needs replacing, but rather that it has exceeded your expectations and you are after another one!"

"Many of the items below have been prototypes tested by myself, often by using them in everyday situations for several months. This allows me to be sure that they will function as intended but also highlight any improvements that the design may require."


Coming Soon!

What is Ben working on now?


I'm always working on something new or have a commission that I'm completing. Currently I'm making a sheath for another popular Morakniv called the Eldris, it's a neck knife that works very well with a firesteel and as a result is proving to be used a lot in the Bushcraft community. I'm hoping to be able to make it work on a belt as well as a lanyard around the neck.

My other current prototype is a long wallet that will maximise the amount of cards and receipts that can be carried as well as cash and possibly change. The one I have in my pocket presently was built to hold my phone originally but has a lot of customisation options.

I will also be working on my first full sized bag commission very soon, I will post pictures in the gallery, as well as Pinterest, as it's completed and will potentially be selling it as a product, although slightly tweaked from the commissioned item!